Social Media Marketing with Facebook & Twitter

social media marketingI don't have time. Why should I use Facebook and Twitter?
Your existing and potential customers are on Facebook and Twitter and you need to be there, too! One of the most powerful aspects of social media marketing is that your messages can go Viral (spread by word of mouth or word of keyboard). You send it to your friends, they may share it with their friends, who share it with their friends, etc.

Facebook is the boy wonder of social marketing. A site that started as a side project/hobby for a couple of Harvard guys now has over 200 million users and ranks as the number one visited site in the world. Everyone from the small business owner to corporate giants are realizing the viral marketing power of Facebook to drive traffic to their websites and connect with existing and potential clients.

Creating a Facebook "Page" (formerly called a"fan" page) requires zero monitoring or moderators. A Facebook Page can include a monthly newsletter, a virtual magazine, special offers, contests, your blog stream, polls, question and answer sessions, and more. Or maybe your fans add all the content.

Warning: Don't use a personal Facebook site to promote your business. Facebook may disable your account! They also do not want you to have two accounts. If you read their policies page you'll see that they are very strict.

Facebook Pages are meant for businesses, public figures and brands. They include much greater functionality for marketing and connecting with fans. Also, pages are public, meaning anyone can see the page, including Google. Once someone Likes your page, their Facebook friends will be notified, creating additional interest that may result in others "Liking" your page. Each time you update your page, your fans are notified and the information shows up on their news feed.

Business Micro-blogging at its Finest

Twitter is a micro blog (up to 140 characters: no photos, etc.). People who are interested in your products/services sign up to be Followers. You tweet something of interest (e.g. a coupon, an event, a new product/service, etc.) and maybe your Followers re-tweet to their Followers, who may re-tweet to their Followers, and it goes on-and-on. Viral Marketing can help you reach more people than ever imagined.

It's not enough to post tweets, you can learn a lot by following others. You can Follow customers, staff, colleagues, vendors, journalists who write about your field, social influencers for your field (the keynote speaker), your competitors, etc.

Ever wish you had big enough ears to hear what people are saying about your business or your events. Free third party Twitter programs will do that for you.