Private Guitar & Theory Lessons from a Seasoned Pro
Feeling stuck? Looking to take your guitar playing to the next level? I can help.

I teach guitar, specializing in Rock, Blues, R&B, and singer/songwriters. I can help you understand what you're already doing and open new doors. Tired of guessing which notes 'work' when soloing? I can show you how to improvise with confidence over any given chord progression by teaching you scales and modes, and how to apply them.

My teaching fee is $50/hour. I'm located in the Oak Hill area of Austin. I also provide guitar and theory lessons via Skype. Please contact me via email or call 512-981-6202.

My Musical Background

Duke Jupiter
I was a singer/songwriter/guitarist and frontman for Duke Jupiter—a rock and roll band that recorded seven albums over the course of a 13 year career from 1973 to 1986. TV appearances: 4 MTV videos, Friday Night Videos, Night Flight, and Solid Gold (with Marilyn McCoo and, of course, the Solid Gold dancers).

Private guitar lessons and music theory lessons austin, tx
In July, 2010 we performed a farewell reunion in our hometown (Rochester, NY) and 10,000+ fans showed up to pay tribute. It was an amazing night!!

Movie Soundtracks
Walker Media was established in 1987 when I was composing soundtracks for Kodak Film demo movies. These movies were 15 minute theatrical pieces to demonstrate the quality of their 35mm motion picture film, which most movies had been shot with (at that time). They hired actors from Los Angeles (and elswhere) and shot the movie. They then gave me a rough-cut to compose and perform all the music needed for the project. These movies were sent to cinematographers, directors, etc. throughout the world.

Industrial Films
Around the same time I composed and performed music for industrial marketing videos for clients including Xerox and Kodak.

Also, in the late '80s I wrote and performed jingles, but quickly found that I didn't like to do jingles.